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Live Tracer™ Gas Main Line Tracer

Jameson's Live Tracer Locates Mains With No Blow By and With Minimal Excavation

Locate live gas mains
  • 1/4" fiberglass rod with tracer wire
  • Stuffing box
  • No blow-by while feeding rod into live main
  • Use with transmitter & receiver to trace gas main from above ground
  • Accessory kit mounts to rodder frame for easy access:
    Stuffing box, grounding cable with clips, o-rings, rod lubricant, hex key driver, adhesive, end ferrule, spring leader, canvas storage bag
  • Mechanical tap tees available 2016

See GTI's Demonstration of Live Tracer

Live Tracer Success Story:

Northwest Alabama Gas could not find where the main was running alongside of the road.  After attaching the tee and inserting the Live Tracer’s rod, they found the pipe ran alongside the road for 10', then went under the road and through a field across the street.  The Live Tracer saved them hours of digging.


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