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Jameson - Innovative Solutions Provider Since 1956

Jameson has been manufacturing products for the Telecommunication, Utility, Electrical, Tree Care, and Military markets since 1956. Our line-up includes tools for inside wiring, underground cabling and locating, line clearance, tree trimming and aerial cable placement: Buddy® Rodders and Fish Tapes, Duct Hunter™ Traceable Rodders, Live Tracers™ for Gas and Water, Glow Fish Rods, Stubby® Lights, Fiberglass Poles, and Splicer Tools.

In 2000, Jameson developed stringable fluorescent lights that revolutionized expeditionary shelter lighting with their light weight and efficiency. The line was expanded with EMI hardened shelter lights to protect troops from detection and electronic equipment from interference. Today, we offer LED, fluorescent and medical lighting fielded for a wide variety of missions by all branches of the U.S. military.


Jameson - Innovative Solutions Provider Since 1956
U.S. Manufacturer Located in Clover, South Carolina

Jameson is committed to consistently providing world class quality products and service to our customers.  As a leader in technology and innovation, we are dedicated to creating advanced solutions for our customers and have been doing so since 1956.

- Dan Miller, CEO and Chairman

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